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Learning Sounds Course

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This course shows the simplest, and most engaging way to teach your little one the letter sounds. No more sitting down and practicing worksheets or endless drill + kill activities. This course is based in play, which means you will learn effective and engaging activities that you can do in just 5-10 minutes/day (no teaching experience required).

You’ll learn which sounds to start with, how many sounds to teach at once, how to keep your child engaged in the lesson, and when to move on to blending sounds in words! This course includes a pronunciation guide, data chart, and a suggested sound sequence so you can have confidence that your little one is progressing through their letter sounds in the right order.

✅ On Demand Course Videos
✅ Detailed Course Handouts
✅ Customizable Lesson Plans
✅ Full Lesson Examples
✅ Achievement Certificates

    Engaging curriculum:

    Video-based content and helpful handouts show you exactly what to teach and how to do it.

    Lifetime access:

    Learn anywhere, anytime, with courses that never expire and free access to all future course improvements.

    Perfect Fit Guarantee:

    If a course is not the right fit for your child, we’ll switch you into a better course, completely free.

    5 Minute Guarantee:

    If you don’t see progress in as little as 5 min/day, let us know and we’ll refund the cost of your course.

    Finally, a reading program that works.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do the courses work?

    We offer on-demand, video-based courses that you can watch via our online platform or mobile app. Each course includes about 90 minutes of instructional video lessons and downloadable handouts to make teaching easier. As you work through the content, you'll have opportunities to practice what you learn with your child.

    Are the courses for me or for my child?

    The courses are for YOU and will teach you how to teach your child to read.

    Are the courses only for toddler parents?

    No. Learning to read is all about STAGE- not AGE. Which means you select a course based on the skills your child has now and what they need to  learn next, independent of their age or grade level.

    What if I need additional support?

    I love supporting families! After purchasing the course, you can email any time with questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

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